Mawmuek Cafe @ Khao yai

Mawmuek Cat Cafe is situated in a Tuscan themed village in Khao Yai. The village is a picturesque shopping district that is filled with restaurants, cafes, souvenirs and many opportunities to take beautiful pictures. However, the highlight of this place is definitely this cat cafe that sits quietly in the village. 

The Cafe is divided into two sections – a cafe section and a play area for the cats. There is no specified entrance fee but in order to play with the cats, you would just have to purchase either a drink or a souvenir. You may also purchase wet cat food to feed the cats. Look at how excited they are to see the food!

I tried to be fair by trying to feed most of the cats there. But, some cats were just more aggressive and they will push their way through. Haha

Look at how cute their paws are.

There were a variety of cats there like scottish folds, bengals, persians, short hairs and garfields? When the food was finished, most of them returned to their chilled state. They went back to either lazing around or sleeping. If you were looking to play with them, they would be rather uninterested. It is best to make use of your time there by sitting quietly and immersing yourself with their everyday lives.

This was the cutest cat we saw just because it loved to sleep on its back and it looked really funny.

If you happen to visit Palio Village in Khao Yai, don’t just spend your time shopping or eating! You have to stop by Mawmuek cafe, I promise you will have a great time here!

Hours: Tues – Fri 10:30am – 6pm, Sat – Sun 9:30am – 7pm, closed on Mon

Address: 146/1 ม .4 Palio Khaoyai ถนน ธนะรัชต์ Tambon Mu Si, Amphoe Pak Chong, Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima 30130, Thailand

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